How to easily use our Parasols

Our parasols are designed so that they fit most standard parasol bases - the diameter of our shafts is 3.2 cm.

We recommend a parasol foot that has a tension function and that it has a weight of at least 15 kg for safe and stable use. The parasol can also be easily attached to the ground (where possible, lawn, beach, etc.).

All our parasols are made for private use .

Our smaller models have adjustable shafts, which makes them flexible for the course of the sun. Maybe you have strong evening sun on the balcony?, then it's easy to parry the direct rays with a little bend .

Both models have two-piece shafts for easy folding and storage.

All parasols come with a matching canvas carrying bag.

The larger model does not have an adjustable shaft, but it is divisible.

The smaller model has a trap and adjustable shaft:

Turn the center hinge a few turns to the left to loosen, this allows you to move the bar to the desired position - if you turn the hinge too many turns to the left it will come loose, this is meant to happen and can easily just be put back on with a few turns to the right. Once in the desired position, turn the central hinge to the right to tighten; make sure the hinge teeth have met correctly and that the hinge is fully tightened.

When you have finished using your parasol for the day, first close the parasol and then loosen the central hinge (fold to the left), fold the pole and then tighten the hinge before putting the parasol into the bag.

The first few times you use the parasol, or if it has not been used for a while, the parasol will probably be stiff to open and close, this is normal. With regular use, this softens.

To open the parasol:

Hold the handle in place with one hand while using your other hand to push the parasol up, so that both hands forcefully pull away from each other. The parasol rail should then click into place. If the parasol does not click into place, make sure the runner is aligned with the buttonhole. Sometimes the button also needs a little help (a little push) to click into place.

To close the parasol:

Hold the shaft in place with one hand, hold the canopy runner button with the other hand, push slightly upwards, then use your thumb to press the button that releases the parasol.


All of our parasols are named after places and people who stuck to something a little extra, maybe it's a place where we like to hang out or maybe your particular parasol got its name from the little lady on the hill who serves the best coffee.