To get the most out of your parasol, as well as to ensure safe use, it is really important that you read and understand these care instructions before placing your order.

By placing your order, you agree to have read and understood the maintenance and safety guidelines.

Contact us if you have any questions.


Always store your parasol indoors when not in use.

Always make sure the parasol is dry before putting it away.

Water resistant, but not waterproof, so avoid rain - if our Swedish unpredictable weather strikes,

be sure to dry your parasol completely before folding and packing away.

As with all wood, the color may change over time, and as it breathes, small cracks may appear - this is not a fault, but part of the aging process. If the shaft feels very dry after a couple of years, it can be advantageously brushed with wood oil.

To prolong life, treat from time to time. The shaft may also have a very slight bow, which again is normal for wood.

Check and tighten the fasteners periodically due to the aging process of the wood.

Color fading of fabric through sunshine is inevitable,

therefore, we strongly recommend that you put the parasol away when not in use to avoid accelerated fading.

If necessary, clean with mild soap and water, but make sure the parasol is completely dry before folding it up.


Do not use in windy conditions. This may cause injury to you or others.

Make sure the parasol rail (the part that opens the parasol) is properly attached. This can sometimes be stiff, if it is one of the first times of use, or has not been used for a while; make sure the button is aligned with the hole and press up until it clicks into place, double check it is secure before using it, otherwise it may close unexpectedly and cause damage.

Be careful when opening the parasol to ensure that your hands do not get caught in the runner, as this may cause injury.

Make sure the center hinge is properly secured in the desired position before use. If not properly secured, it may close unexpectedly and cause damage - so double check before use.

The parasol should not be left unattended and should be closed when not in use.

Always check that the parasol is not damaged and that it is correctly mounted and stable before use.

The parasol has small parts that can become detached and pose a suffocation risk, therefore it is important to never leave children unattended and to ensure that all parts are attached before use and that it is firmly anchored (fixed) in a suitable parasol base or directly on the ground before use.

Keep away from open flames or other fire hazards.

Keep away from hot surfaces, e.g. grills.

The parasol is only intended to be used as a parasol, i.e. to provide shade against the sun.

The parasol must only be handled by adults. We do not recommend children to do this due to the risks mentioned above.


Can I use the parasol at my Cafe, restaurant etc.?

Yes, you can. But they are designed for private use and occasional exposure to sun and weather elements.

It is therefore particularly important that you treat the parasol with care if it is placed permanently outdoors, we then recommend that

you take it inside when not in use and store it in the included carrying case


All of our parasols are named after places and people who stuck to something a little extra, maybe it's a place where we like to hang out or maybe your particular parasol got its name from the little lady on the hill who serves the best coffee.