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Oliver Rainbow Love

Oliver Rainbow Love

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Oliver is without doubt our finest parasol. Block stripes in all the colors of the rainbow.

A parasol that stands for love and everything wonderful in our world.

Designed by a little guy with a big heart named Oliver.


A real summer dream! With its foldable handle, it is easy to fold and put away.

Our parasols can be attached directly to the ground (where possible) and work with most parasol bases - see our guide for more info.

Like all our parasols, Oliver comes with a matching canvas bag.



The bow measures 200cm edge to edge

Height 230cm

Dia 180cm

Shaft dia 35mm



Canopy: Premium poly-cotton canvas.

Sun protection: UPF50+, waterproof, PU coated.

Shaft: FSC-marked beech wood

Ribs: fiberglass

Fringes: cotton

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